Brand: Thalgo
Product Code: Thalgo Intensive Correcting Cream

Thalgo Intensive Correcting Cream fights and corrects the compacted (grade 3) cellulite-generating process at its source. This highly active cream features Thalgo-exclusive Oxy Active technology to help disperse pronounced cellulite. The skin’s resistance to unsightly dimples is reinforced, resulting in visibly smoother-looking skin.

Active ingredients:
- Oxy Active technology (Fucus serratus algae combined with a plant extract, Coleus forskohlii) - reactivates tissue oxygenation; reduces excessive expansion of adipocyte
- Encapsulated oxygen - powerfully oxygenates the tissues; encourages lipolysis
- Sandalwood seed - boosts dermal resistance to the appearance of unsightly dimples; helps to restore skin elasticity; disperses compacted cellulite

Size: 200ml


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