Why Aroma Works?

Discover what makes AromaWorks' aromatherapy Home fragrance products so special...

Our luxury scented candles are packed with the finest ingredients and essential oils, and are free from both paraffin and synthetic wax. Our soy candles are a pure example of a luxury scented candle range, and unlike other candle suppliers, all of our products are produced in house by our experiencedcandle making team.

Whether you are looking for wedding candles, aromatherapy candles or essential oils online, you have come to the right place as Aroma Works prides itself in the quality of our natural candles and oils. Our philosophy lies at the heart of our products, and that is why we only the purest and highest quality ingredients for our luxury scented candles that you will find in our shop.

Time to relax and unwind to your favourite scent

Explore our site and discover the true essence of aromatherapy, our aim is to share the power that this alternative healing practice beholds by providing an in depth resource into essential oils, massage and meditation, along with the finest quality aromatherapy products available.

AromaWorks is your complete guide into the World of Aromatherapy, we will help you unlock your potential and master the true art of self-healing and relaxation.

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  Aromaworks 100% Natural Exquisite aromatherapy Serenity Body Oil. Enriches your skin..
Aromaworks Exquisite aromatherapy Nurture Bath Oil. Enriches your skin to feel nourished and s..
  Aromaworks Exquisite aromatherapy Serenity Bath Oil. Enriches your skin to feel nourish..
  Aromaworks 100% Natural Exquisite aromatherapy Nurture Body Oil. Enriches your skin ..
Be restored and calmed by our Serenity blend. The citrus, yet warm fragrance of lemongrass will e..
Aromaworks Nurture Bath Oil 100ml Aromaworks Exquisite aromatherapy Nurture Bath Oil. Enric..