THALGO is a world leader in professional marine spa and beauty

and is known as one of the most effective product ranges

on the market. The products are based on algae and have incredible

benefits. We are pleased to offer Thalgo in our face and body

treatments and retail areas within the spa and salon.

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A relaxing mini treat for an intensive infusion of marine active ingredients tailored to your skin t..
Restore your skin to its natural beauty! Each of these facials is packed with serums and active mari..
Experience true marine beauty with Thalgo’s signature facial using a mask of pure natural seaweed, k..
Excellent for congested and acne prone skin, the light destroys bacteria deep within the skin. Infla..
Recover your skin s radiance with this relaxing and energizing treat for dull, tired and stressed s..
Sea & Senses Hot Stones Facial The Sea & Senses facial ritual with marine hot stones. The..
Teenage Facial And Tutorial A gentle yet effective treatment for acne, hormonal and problematic s..
ThalgoMen Prescription Facial A relaxing treat using specific products for men - Includes cleansi..
Correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this boost of marine collagen for a smoothing and pl..
Silicium Super-lift Facial   (40+) Dare to defy and take action on visible wrinkles and loss..
  Eye Treat Will relax and rejuvenate to treat concerns of puffiness, dark circles, fine..
  Thalgo Microdermabrasion Renew your skin to reveal instantly visible results! Thalgo sk..
Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Facial This ‘manual facelift’ using Thalgo’s exclusive revolutionary ..
Renovation Radical Facial Peel Thalgo have entered the cosmeceutical industry with this scientifi..